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Replacing your water heater can be both stressful and a financial burden. You may be asking yourself,
"How do I know when to replace my water heater?"

Below are common signs that replacing your water heater may be in your best interest.

*Age. How long have you had your current water heater? A gas hot water heater should last 8-12 years; while an electric water has a longer lifespan of 10-15 years. Tankless water heaters have a longer life expectancy but since they are so new replacing your tankless water heater as of 2010 should not be a consideration.

*Rust colored hot water - If you are getting tinted water when you open up the hot water tap you need to change your water heater immediately!

*Hot water is not as hot or you run out of hot water under normal circumstances. Servicing your water heater may resolve this problem. Please contact your plumbing experts at Shamrock Heating & Cooling so that we can resolve your hot water problem as soon as possible.

*Moisture around the base may signal a slow leak.

*An ice cold shower.

*A flood in the area around the water heater.